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About us


“FI Consulting has the ability to bring to a project a structured model of analysis, relevant insights and critical vision.”

Marketing director, healthcare group

“FI Consulting has the know-how on the insurance business, knowledge of the players on the market, they are careful in their work. They have the tools to deliver good results.”

Head of pricing, insurance company

“The outcome and follow-up of the project, the data collection, all the strategic options they explored, makes them a very important partner.”

General manager, wine distribution company

“FI Consulting has tremendous experience and knowledge of how the commercial process works, with a methodology that is suitable for various types of companies.”

Partner, data science company

“The ability to understand who the client is and what it needs in association with a great skills set in sales makes all the difference.”

Sales director, graphic and digital security company

“FI Consulting's main characteristics are focus, objectivity and method. It helped us focus on the essentials, using a methodology that I think is good for all organizations.”

Vice president, mental health care institution

“What I liked most was that FI Consulting is oriented to the people they face. We understood that they knew the industry and they cared to talk about issues that matter to our people.”

Director, insurance brokerage company

“FI Consulting did a very good analysis of our company and our market, which is not easy. They have a systematic approach. They sell seriousness, methodology and seniority in a systematic approach to the sales process.”

Partner, architecture firm

Our mission is to empower clients to grow by providing consulting, training and advisory services based on the FI growth methodology. We use our knowledge base with the world's best practices in marketing and sales to bridge gaps in our clients' business, empowering them to grow their business.


consulting training coaching

FI Consulting provides various consulting, training and coaching services to its clients. These services enable client growth by developing the 6 pillars of the FI methodology: strategy, management, channels, people, processes, technology.

estrategia scaled


Define the growth strategy through an in-depth knowledge of the current situation, market trends and strategic assets for the company.

gestao 2 scaled


Define the global marketing and sales plan, the organizational model and the performance measurement model to enable growth, as well as managing the physical and digital transformation initiatives to achieve growth.

canais scaled


Define the omni-channel operating model, develop new channels, train intermediaries, design the omni-channel compensation model and manage the omni-channel program initiatives.

people scaled


Coach the sales team individually, from salespeople to top executives, provide personalized training according to the needs of the company, design the development and compensation model for sales professionals and perform inspirational lectures to promote growth.

processos scaled


Design the FI sales cycle processes according to good worldwide practices in order to avoid commoditization of the business, advise the company on strategic sales and manage the anti-commoditization program.

tecnologia 2 scaled


Plan the implementation of information systems, advise on their purchase and manage the respective implementation program, in order to support good worldwide practices that enable growth.


Foto FSA 1 scaled
Filipe Simões de Almeida
Managing Partner
Foto Francisco Valerio 1.2
Francisco Valério
Business Partner
Foto Paulo Barreto 4.1
Paulo Barreto
Business Partner
Rui Lobo 2.1
Rui Lobo
Technical Advisor
Antonio Pereira scaled
António Pereira
Business Partner
Diogo Leitao scaled
Diogo Leitão
Business Partner
Nuno Loureiro
Business Partner
DSCF4875 retocada quadrada com zoom
Miguel Cabrita Teixeira
Business Partner


The FI growth methodology has 6 pillars: 2 business enablers (strategy, technology) and 4 business cycles (management, channels, people, processes). Each pillar has a catalog with all the activities a company needs to be able to grow sustainably and a knowledge base with global best practices in each activity. The FI growth methodology is client-centered and omni-channel, being an antidote to commoditization.


Triangulo 07
The Marketing Pyramid
A tool for aligning marketing and sales and boost growth
Why growth is important
A tool for improving the world
8 partes 25 sales cycle
The sales cycle
A new approach to avoid commoditization and boost growth


Rua Castilho, 65, 5º esq.

1250-068 Lisboa, Portugal


+351 212 698 420


“The measure of our success is exceeding our clients’ growth expectations.”

Filipe Simões de Almeida

Managing partner

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